On Running: The Story Behind The Lightest Running Shoe Brand


     In February 2014, David Allemann and his associates launched what would become the most comfortable and lightest running shoe brand, On-Running. The innovative and technological platform of On Running shoes have lead it to become amongst the most successful running shoes in the world. In fact, in March of that same year, Runner’s World Magazine ranked them as one of the most important running shoes in America and Western Europe. Since then, a number of decorated runners such as Daniel Kinyua Wanjiru, Nicola Spirig and many others rely on the technology and comfortability that On-Running provides. The brand continues to win numerous awards and sell out in specialty retail stores across the nation.

     Placing fun and functionality at the forefront of their brand, On-Running is dedicated to developing the ideal product for its customers. Whether you’re a professional runner or a neighborhood jogger, this brand is the perfect running sensation. The technological genius behind the brand stems from the partnership between Olivier Bernhard and a Swiss engineer. More specifically, prototypes including the cushion yet necessary firmness greatly contribute to the overall success of On-Running. This brand has four core beliefs that ultimately speaks to their authenticity and dedication. Their four core philosophies are that running should be fun, there are many ways to run, a running shoe should remain in a propelling state and that running is a sport. On-Running’s commitment to integrating these core beliefs into their products, paired with the innovative technology play an integral role in Drest’s decision to carry them in the store.

     In addition to the brilliant Swiss engineering of On-Running, their consistency and innovative implementation have yielded them a lot of their success. More importantly, it’s what’s lead them to expand from a European brand, to a truly international company with offices in both Zurich, Switzerland and Portland, Oregon. Over a thousand specialty retail stores all over the world carry On- Running and they continue to get international recognition from athletes in various platforms.

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