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VARSITY Iona Tartan Oilskin

VARSITY Iona Tartan Oilskin

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Sourced from the finest traditional Scottish Oilskin producer in Dundee, the fabric has a beautiful finish and nostalgic smell.

It’s water repellent and shows its character over time with a 'patina' effect. The cap is lined with a luxurious viscose material. At the back, you’ll find an adjustable nylon strap with stainless steel rings to personalize your fit and Varsity’s signature logo.

Constructed from a dense, waxed cotton, our Oilskin caps are one of our most durable and weather-resistant caps that can brave all conditions.

Our Oilskin can has a layer of natural wax which gives the cap stain and water-resistant capabilities.

You can carefully remove any stains that may occur by using a clean, damp cloth, but you should never wash your Oilskin cap due to its natural wax coating – this could cause the cap to dry out and lose its shine.

Made of 100% Waxed Cotton.

The cap is fitted with an adjustable leather strap (+/- 1.5 cm), held together with stainless steel rings.

Made of 45% Viscose, 32% Polyester, 23% Cotton.

S(54.5-56.5 cm | 21 ½ - 22 ¼ inches)

M(56.5-58.5 cm | 22 ¼ -23 inches)

L(58.5-60.5 cm | 23-23 ¾ inches)

XL(60.5-62.5 cm | 23 ¾ - 24 ⅝ inches)


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